How To: Make a Mini-Exit Slip board + A Freebie and Mini-Tutorial


It’s the end of the school year and I am trying SO HARD to keep routines going and keep the kids “with-it”. One thing that I should have used more throughout the year, but am using with fidelity now is the Partner Exit Slip Board inspired by the blog “Middle School Teacher to Literacy Coach”.  I needed to tweak her design for my own needs. 

Now that I have had the Exit Slip Board an entire school year, I like the portability of this design but may even make a slightly larger version for the kids to use on their way out of the room. (I have a smallish bulletin board next to the outside of my classroom door that I NEVER UPDATED after the first week of school. Don’t judge me!)partnerexitslipboard


Here is what you need, and you can click the image for a direct link to EXACTLY what I purchased.

1- Smallish Bulletin Board of your Choice. I get pretty much everything from Amazon. I got my Prime membership while I was a College Student. And as a teacher that also has a toddler, I LOVE being able to get my products in 48 hours or less WITHOUT going in a store.

2. Plain Silver Thumbtacks. I was going for a trendy Nail Head vibe so I went with plain silver thumbtacks to act as my “border”.

3. Scissors: I would direct link to some, but come on, we’re teachers. We have scissors.  You need sharp ones. We will be cutting cloth.

4. Curtain Panels of your choice. You only need 1 panel for the size bulletin board we will be using.  I used this one and actually cut the panel in in half.

5. You also need a GOOD Stapler. This is just a good idea to have in general for your classroom. I have destroyed many paper staplers on bulletin boards. I like this one. It has not failed me yet. 

6. You also need Cardstock and/or Printer Paper that you have used to print out your questions and also laminate (for durability).

7. This is the laminator I use, it periodically goes on sale but I got mine off Amazon. When I purchased it I *think* it came with a pack of pouches, but I don’t remember.

8. 5 Generic Exit Slip Questions that can be applied to your subject. Try things like What can you use that was learned today, in a different teacher’s class? You could also try some of theseFeeling a smidge of burn out? Use the Freebie below in Step Four 🙂 You’re Welcome. 

9. Large Envelopes. I like to use the 5×7 invitation size but I only had regulars, so I used those. These will be for the index cards the kids will use to write their answers on. Once they write their responses they will put them in the right envelope for their question. 

Optional: Scrapbook Paper 
I did not use this brand but it will do a great job. The most important thing is size. My mom purchased the pack I used as a new classroom gift. I have not found it anywhere online.


Step One: Cut your panel in half. Turn in face down. Be mindful of the direction you want your chevrons or pattern to flow. 

Step Two: Start stapling the panel down on the back of the bulletin board. 

Step Three: Flip the bulletin board around to the front. Start placing your silver thumb tacks around the border of the board. Feel where the covered ridge of the edge would be if you could see it. 

Step Four: Print then Cut out the Freebie in this step. If you want a border like the one in my photo above, place each cut out on top of Scrapbook paper and attach using a white/clear glue stick. Then cut around the image leaving the amount of color you want to show through. When finished, Laminate in the name of Longevity. Remember, cut the item you want to laminate out knowing that you cannot cut on top of what you are laminating only around it.  (If I had to say it, someone has done it).  I want you to be able to personalize for your color scheme. The red color you see behind my cut outs is oversized scrapbook paper. 

Step Five: Attach your labels to the envelopes like I have, then staple to the board to your heart’s content.