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Open Letter to All Teachers Everywhere

Hello! I am Natasha Pachecker, and I am entering my 4th year teaching. In that time I have taught 6-grade levels and this ride has been exciting, terrifying, stressful, and extremely rewarding. Teaching requires so much of a person. You rise early (sometimes after staying up prepping), then you stay late. You then have personal obligations that bleed into the professional ones that creep up moment by moment. Teaching is not a job that you can “check out” of every day. Your mind is constantly roaming.

Although I am not as experienced as many, I do have an ever expanding skill set that I would love to share. If I can help others keep the little flames they teach each day bright, I will do everything I can to share the know-love. There are organizations in our schools to step in the gap for basic needs our students may be lacking. There are clubs to keep them safe and help them with homework. There is additional support for parents. Where is all of the off campus, visible, support/help/shoulder to cry on for the teachers? Everyone wants things of us, but it is difficult to get someone to tell us how. As I have been in that place of frustration, I know what it is like, and from time to time I go back and visit.

I also honestly created this Blog out of a need I felt. It was difficult for me to find and relate to someone out on the web, that was transparent about the struggles involved with being a teacher. Sure, there are a ridiculous number of extremely talented DIY, classroom decor, Lesson Planning gurus–but where were the people like me? Did those people actually struggle day to day at their schools? I mean, come on, they obviously have very busy lives but how do they maintain? This is what I want to share. How I maintain, and I would love for you to join me and help open up the conversation.

I am most anxious about being a help and being consistent with this blogging thing.

I am most excited for the journey to come.

Here’s to the Future.


Mrs. P