The Hiatus has Ended and Shall Return Nevermore

It’s confession time. I have not been on this blog in just shy of a year. Life happened. This may seem like an excuse but it’s the truth. From the outside looking in it appears that teachers have a pretty easy job–we have evenings, weekends, winter, spring and summer breaks off. This just is not true.

I was put in a position that forced me to choose between teaching or not. I was told I needed to complete 5 post-baccalaureate level courses in one school year. This was in addition to teaching, planning, and grading for 100 or so students. This was in addition to being a pseudo-department head to assist new teachers. This was in addition to off-campus and on-campus meetings that took me away from my students. This was in addition to being present in the moment for my daughter who is overcoming challenges through Physical and Speech Therapy every week. This was also in addition to working a part-time job during the last half of the school year.

I persevered and finished–but at the expense of things, I truly cared about. The past year has given me more perspective and forced me to set up boundaries for my personal and professional lives. As teachers–we don’t get that. We are expected to be teachers 24/7 & 365 days a year. I don’t completely have the balance down, but I have grown over the past year and am grateful for the experience.

Sincerely and with Teachers in Mind,

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