Planning Your Passions

During the Summer Months teachers stay busy. We may take Professional Development Courses. We may travel. We sometimes pick up Seasonal Jobs. I have done all of those things before. This year, I am Planning My Passions and how I will get them done. I am also figuring out ways to plan my day and life so I can maintain balance when the school year begins again.

Stress has made me a dreamer. Stress has also made me determine what I can do to change my situation. If money has to be tight, is it beneficial to me to also be extremely stressed? Are there other capacities that I can teach and fuel my passion so I am fruitful and can multiply in areas of my life that have been dormant?

I am creating products on Teacher Pay Teacher to help alleviate the stress of other teachers. Anything I can make to assist. I will. I will design interactive tutorials. But I will also make products that I can use, to help plan my life. I will pursue all of my passions fully and see where life leads.

PreviewDemoTeacherCompanionBlogHere is my latest Teacher Product. It is a Teacher Binder Featuring AMAZING Game of Thrones Inspired Characters. Get this Digital Download Here. The product is designed in a way that allows you to easily print the pages needed at the beginning of each grading period.

Let’s enjoy the journey together.


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