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Summertime and I’m Feeling Fine

This was a difficult and trying school year. I needed this down time from Blogging just so my body could rest and kind of reset. I have grown so much and feel SO EXCITED to go back in August…just not yet. I mean, Mama needs her rest.

Just because you may not be sitting in a freezing air conditioned room for Professional Development does not mean that you cannot grow and evolve. My biggest tip would be to plan little by little over the summer. Make things throughout the summer. Print, cut and laminate gradually. That way during Pre-Planning and during Early Opening time you can begin to put things up. This coming school year I really want to work smarter…not harder. 7thingstoaccomplishtrans.png

  1. Spend Quality Time with My Family…Not Just Spend time Around them because I am off work and…here.
  2. Create Bulletin Board Items, and Plan Bulletin Boards
  3. Post at least 1 Blog Post a Week and Create at Least 1 Product a Week starting with Stuff I will actually Use
  4. Draft a Supply List for my Classroom, Create a Budget and Not Overspend
  5. Have Regular Date Nights with my Husband
  6. Have Fun Day Trips to Another City or Location…Multiple Times
  7. Design My Class Website, and Develop a Plan so I Use it With Fidelity!

What do you want to get done this Summer?


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