Weekly Teacher Tip: Let’s Handle that “Problem Area” We All Have

So let’s handle that problem area that MOST teachers have. There are a few teachers that always seem to have a Pinterest worthy classroom at all times. This post is not for them. This is for the teachers that have a problem area we conveniently camouflage. Or that area that is just messy…take it or leave it.

Remember that weird Teacher’s Area/Small Group Instruction area I mentioned in an earlier post? Well, this is what the shelving behind the tables looked like when they were a hot mess, and what they were transformed into.

weekly teacher tip

How did I accomplish this miracle? The Lord sent angels to purify the #hotmess. It took them hours and they said: “It is finished.” No, but seriously. I used photo boxes from my local Michaels store. I also used an old copy paper box that my aunt wrapped in gift wrap paper last summer for my new classroom.

I would love to know what you all think!


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