9 Things I Wish I Would Have Done and Maintained this School Year

So it’s the End of the Year!!!! Yaaaaay!!!!! Here are the 9 Things I Would Have Done at the Beginning of the Year, and Maintained Throughout the Year. I will also include 2 things that I will correct and set-up for next year, so they are ready to go Day 1 of Classroom Set Up. Ready?!??!?! LEGGO! (Hey. I have a toddler.)

9. I wish I would have re-organized myself, each time I re-configured my desks and classroom. So one thing you should know about my classroom is that I do NOT  have a teacher’s desk. This means that My “area” is housed at my Small Group. Small Group is a round table (photos of that monstrosity are to come in a How-To Post) with a large bookshelf behind it.  I re-organize my classroom desk set up based on my kids and their needs/abilities to focus. I teach 7th-grade GIRLS so they talk ALOT. The result of me focusing on the kids and not me is that my area is a #HOTMESS. I will fix this and show you how later.


8. I wish I would have taken better care of the extras from each quarter. Even if I don’t teach that lesson the SAME way I wish I would have bought Banker’s Boxes and organized that stuff by Quarter…with a label…AND EVERYTHING. Le Sigh. Next School Year look for a post on this.

7. I wish I would have let the kids run the classroom MORE. This would have saved me some prep time. I did not start doing this until Quarter 2, and by the time Quarter 4 came around I kept getting to work with enough time to make coffee, put down my stuff, then pick up my girls from the Cafeteria. Not EARLY ENOUGH TO GET MY HELPERS. Next school year this will be a classroom job, that I rotate out. So they can prep while I write in my planner and sip coffee. LOLZ. But no, I really am serious.


6. So Ya’ll (because in the South we say this sometimes) I brought a BOMB SENT FROM HEAVEN PLANNER last year that was NOT one of the famous, super expensive, Lesson Plan Planners. It was from Blue Sky, and had enough room for me to write lesson stuff AND keep up with my busy life and appointments and insert handouts from my school. I basically hacked it make my own Teacher Planner. I’ll show you how to do this around Pre-Planning and show you the planner via a Youtube Review.  I did not use this with fidelity. Next year I WILL. And I will also GET TO WORK WITH ENOUGH TIME TO UPDATE IT!!!! Really that would help keep me organized.

5.  I was a Grade Level Chair this school year. If I am one next year I will definitely keep a hard copy of my Agenda, Meeting Notes, and Minutes I submitted to the Assistant Principal. I had electronic copies but had I kept copies of this it would have made my end of the year Teacher Portfolio set up 10X EASIER!!!! I also would have made contact with teachers that taught my grade but did not have a Planning Period that allowed them to come to our meetings. They had their own blended grade level meeting but I still feel that should have touched base.


4. So…The Teacher Portfolio. I got all of the points on my End of the Year Individual Professional Development Plan. But that meeting was one of the most stressful ever. Partly because of scheduling and partly because I did not prep along the way. I will definitely build my Teacher Portfolio along the way and possibly do an e-portfolio. Whichever direction I choose, I will show you how to do this. 

3. We use the FOCUS system in my district so I would put my Parent Contact in the “Classroom Log” section. I know how to print out all Classroom Log entries from me for the year, but it’s a REALLY BIG PDF. I would have made a sheet that I used to document Parent Contact PER QUARTER, PER CLASS PERIOD/SECTION this would have made my life easier when any admin requested my contact logs.

2. We WILL USE NOTEBOOKS NEXT SCHOOL YEAR. I will do notebook checks. I get it now. I know how they will be set up. I’ll go through what the “Notebook” looks like later this summer. 7th Graders lose EVERYTHING.THE NOTEBOOK WILL NEVER EVER EVER Leave my room. This concept was new to me because I taught older high school students previously. They might have had messy bookbags, but it was organized chaos, and they knew where their stuff was even if I didn’t. Middle Schoolers want YOU TO KNOW where their stuff is/was/will be. If I had a dollar for each time a child said I lost their work, made them check their bag for it, and then they found it, I WOULD BE RICH.  


1. I would have provided Make-Up Work in a student-friendly format. I have a Classroom Website that I use to update parents and students. This was absolute PERFECTION for my high school kiddos. Middle-schoolers? Not so much. 4th Quarter I put together a While You Were Out Bulletin Board and it’s pretty cool. I’ll make some modifications.

You can fully expect pictures of the best of what I liked about my Classroom that I will keep and What I will do differently. 


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